Monday, September 11, 2017

Want to see my tan lines?

Hi there Readers!
Yes I am back and I have some news for you and some great offers too.
Let me start with the gorgeous skin tones that are a new release at 7 Deadly S[k]ins. There are 3 beautiful new tones added to the ones they already had, Coconut is the dark tanned tone I am wearing on my blog today and 2 awesome light skin tones: Dew and Cloud. A great addition!
The beautiful skin appliers I am using today are called Vyra and the tone is, as I said, Coconut. The perfect tone to wear after a vacation!

The fun Uhura hair is by Firelight and you can find this ethnic hair at the #162 round of the Designer Circle till September 15th in a lot of hair tones for 99 L$ each. Each hair comes with a colour change HUD which gives you several tones to choose from. DEMOs are available.
So what else did I find? Well I am wearing another hair style with the sexy Amy outfits which are on offer by Apple Heart Inc. at the Designer Circle for just 135 L$. This The Wendy hair is by  Olive. They have 10 lucky boards and a Midnight Mania board for which you do not need a group with awesome hairs. This one is from the lucky boards. You get a HUD with this hair with several tones. However I won the blond version and that didn't go well with the dark Vyra skin, so I coloured the hair in Edit to a dark brown.

The lovely Amy outfit fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and it comes with a colour change HUD with so many options that I can't even count them. The HUD changes each part of the outfit separate, the bows, the top (upper and lower parts and the belt too) and the skirt too.
The fun high heels are included and they also come with a HUD in matching colours for the outfit.
I am showing you a few possibilities below.
The next Lexie outfit is also on offer at the Designer Circle and this one is on offer by Wellmade. It fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Jomo and it is just too good to miss! There is a colour change HUD included which gives you 40 options for the panties, the top and the laces. Just think about how many combinations you can put together!
For just 120 L$ this gorgeous outfit!
Showing you a few possibilities below.
Wellmade has another great offer at the Designer Circle, this elegant Haydee blouse! This blouse fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink avatars and it is 120 L$ too. A colour change HUD is included with 15 colour options. This HUD changes the bra, the top and the trimming separate, so you can mix and match as much as you like.
Showing you a few options below.

The cute shorts are 1 L$ and you can find them on Marketplace. They are by $oCheap and they fit system avatars, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Tonic, Eve and TMP.
The last find for today are these beautiful Embrace dresses by Sinfully Sweet. These dresses fit Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Slink and they are 200 L$. A colour change HUD gives you 8 colour options but also light and dark options, which means you have 16 choices in total!

With these Embrace dresses I am wearing beautiful Farrah bracelets are by Indulge Temptation and you can find them in 12 different packs at the Avenue which runs from September 1st till 25th.
There are 2 different versions, 6 simpler versions with 10 metal and 8 gem colours, which are 78 L$ each. And a more bigger version which has 51 + 8 gem versions and 10 metal options, which are 98 L$ each.

The gorgeous Yaho Tokyo lipstick for Catwa heads are also by Indulge Temptation and you can find them at the SWANK event till September 30th in no less than 12 different HUDs. each HUD has 5 tones and each HUD is 75 L$.