Friday, 21 November 2014

Lovely dresses and great accesoires.

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog 5 lovely dresses and gowns. They are all in neutral colours and they are all free. To spice them up I looked around on Marketplace for some nice accesoiries and I found quite a few.
So if you are planning an evening out in SL this weekend, get ready!
Let me start with the lovely new skin WoW skins has on offer for just 99 L$! I am wearing this skin on my blog today. The name of this beauty is Julya and this skin comes in 4 beautiful skin tones. All appliers are available too. You can find this beauty at the Suicide Doll Event.
Don't forget to vote for my blog and for WoW skins on the Avi Choice Voting page! It is a great way to show your appreciation for my blog and for the lovely skins.
This first gown in stunning black lace is by Merivale and you can find this elegant gown on Marketplace. This gown was free, but to my surprise now it is 400 L$. However Merivale has another similar black lace gown including appliers for free.
Then I found this very elegant gown in Ivory by LC Fashion. This beautiful Alya gown comes with applier and it is free. The jewellery is NOT included, however it is free and blogged below.
The last dresses I found are these sexy split dresses by Akinyi. They come in a pack of 3 and they are great to spice up.
The lovely shoes I am wearing are by Essenz and they are for SLINK MID feet. They are called Geneva and they come in 6 great colours. NOT free.
Over to the accesoires you can wear either with the dresses or the gowns I blogged above. With the dresses above I am already wearing a great scarf by Adjunct. This scarf is called Snood and is it totally free.
Of course all accesoiries will go great with any neutral outfit.
Adjunct has another great scarf for free. It is called Sail away and goes perfectly with all simple dresses or with a lovely jacket. You get a striped scarf and a purple one.
The next scarf is by Even flow and they have this lovely blue scarf as a dollarbie (1 L$) on Marketplace.
A beautiful red scarf is this one by Levee's. The scarf is free and it goes great with all neutral outfits.
And the last scarf I found is by Viita. It is a lovely tartan scarf and it is free.
Over to some lovely jewellery I found on Marketplace. This first set I am wearing with the Ivory gown above. It is by La Petite Perle and they have many great jewellery sets for 1 L$ or free. This lovely Inconnu set is 1 L$.
And this great steampunk clock necklace is by JPK+YBR. This necklace is free.
The next necklace is by Susie Darling and it is called Rock & Roll. It was free, but somehow between me getting it for free and blogging it, the price was raised to 50 L$.
My last find is this Forever Friends necklace by Bubblez Style. This lovely necklace is free. Love the little bear on top of the heart!

Voting for the Avi Fashion Awards started!

Morning Readers!
Today the voting for the AVI Fashion Awards started.
Please vote HERE for your favorite BLOGGER.
My favorite Skin designer from WoW skins, Sawsan Secretspy also has been nominated and if you love her skins as much as I do, please vote for her too!@


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Let's do a girls day

Morning Readers!
Today I felt like doing a blog just for girls. So get ready to do your nails, get ready to try on some sexy lingerie, and fun shoes. Get ready to try a sexy bikini or a sexy outfit today!
And where can you find all these things? In the Dirty Turkey Hunt! This hunt has #136 stores to search, and each hunt gift is free! You are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it in this hunt and if you need a hint or a landmark take a look at their HINT & LINK Page.
The hunt runs till November 30th.
So let me start with the most decent item on my blog today: a great outfit by #15 Sassy. It is hidden inside the Turkey box at their store and the only thing you have to do is go find it! I just love the beautiful textures and details of this outfit.

Then I found 2 awesome body suits inside the hunt box at #84 Aphrodisiac. You get a white and a black one and they are perfect for working out, but also to wear with pants or skirts.
I am wearing another hunt gift with these body suits, spiked bracelets by #118 Atooly. You get a set of black and a set of red bracelets if you can find the turkey box.
Then I went to #87 Aidoru. They have a very sexy bikini as a hunt gift hidden in the Turkey box. But that is not also get an unisex bracelet which is great. Very detailed!
To wear on the beach with this bikini the sexy shoes #13 Miseria has as a hunt gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt are just perfect.  The shoes are called Marylin shoes and these shoes are for SLINK MID feet.
And for that really girly feeling I was so happy to find a sexy lingerie set inside the Turkey box at #83 Glitz. I love the details and the lace. The red colour and sheer parts are perfect to feel very sexy.
When I am having a bad day doing my nails always cheers me up. In the Dirty Turkey hunt you can find several sets of nails and they are all for SLINK hands or you can use the SLINK nail enhancer (which is much cheaper than the SLINK hands).
This first set is hidden inside the hunt box at #39 Slutcookie. If you can find that box you get a huge pack with 10 different polishes!
The next set of nail polish is the hunt gift at #20 ZOZ nails. They give you a lovely set of nailpolish in no less than TWELVE shades! There are sweet pumpkins on the nails, each one is a real work of art!
Just showing you a few examples of the shades below.
And #80 Suberbia Nails has also a great nail polish set as a hunt gift. All you have to do is find that hunt box at their store and you will get this great set with very detailed nails. There are 5 different polishes inside.
The last set of nail polishes is hidden inside the hunt boxes can be found at #28 Bella Elephante. It's not too hard to find the boxes and the hints are very helpful. If you find the box at Bella Elephante this set with 4 nail colours is yours!