Thursday, 27 November 2014

Let's nail this

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog just lovely colours and shapes.
Some are free, some are not...but they all are great!
Let me start with the lovely nails you can find at the Designer Circle.
Pink Cherry has these lovely Porcelain fingernails for SLINK hands on offer there and they are 90 L$. You get a hands and feet HUD, each filled with 8 colours with lovely silver details.
And FormaNails has these awqesome Stiletto Fingernails at the Designer Circle. They come in 5 colours, but they are ONLY for SLINK ELEGANT, ELEGANT1 or CASUAL hands! 99 L$ for thes enails.
FormaNails also has a lovely bracelet and ring on offer at the Designer Circle and this set is also 99 L$.
The next nails are by JAM. They have 2 lovely sets of SLINK nails on offer at the Designer Circle. This first set is called Spike and you get a HUD for hands and feet. In each hud are 10 great colours and each set is just 99 L$.
The next set JAM has on offer at the Designer Circle is called Wave and again you get a HUD for hands and feet. Each filled with 10 great colours. 99 L$ for this set too.
Over to one of my favorite places to shop MARKETPLACE.
I found some awesome nails there too! Let me start with the sexy nails Gorgeous Dolls has as a gift (free) on Marketplace. They are for SLINK ELEGANT HANDS only, but they are just awesome. They come with a colour change HUD.
Then I found a cutye set of nails by Hello Dave. I had to figure out how they worked. Well you just rez the set any where and click on the nail bottles to change your nails. This set is for SLINK hands and it is totally free. The colours are awesome.
The next set of nails is by Licked and Painted nails and they are for SLINK hands and feet. This set is 1 L$ and you get 6 lovely colours.
The next set is by Tok & Retok and this set is also 1 L$. You get 4 lovely colours and they are for SLINK hands and feet.
My last find is this set of nails by Industrial Kitties. The set is 1 L$ and you get 3 great colours (with spiderwebs on the nails) for SLINK hands or feet.

Just a new profile picture

Hi there Readers,
I just wanted to show you my new profile picture in Second Life.
This picture has been made by Durerl Kilara (durerlwerlode).
Thank you so much Durerl it is lovely !
Just contact him for your pictures ladies.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I fell in love with Elisabeth

Hi Readers!
Before you get any weird thoughts: Elisabeth is a lovely new release by WoW skin. All WoW skins are beautiful and detailed, but this one is just awesome. This skin it NOT free and also NOT cheap, but she is a beauty.
Elisabeth comes in 4 skin tones, ranging from Milk to Darktan. And each skin tone comes in 5 different make ups and a natural version.
You can meet Elisabeth at the entrance of the WoW Skins Mainstore and each skin is 499 L$. But be warned: you will fall in love with Elisabeth too!
Then I got some awesome new hair called Bunny. This is a new release by Tameless and this hair comes with an easy to use HUD which changes the colour of the hair into no less than 30 hair tones! 249 L$ for the hair with the HUD and you can chose for a natural version, fades, or fantasy.
Just showing you a few natural options below.
Tameless also has some new releases in their clothing section. I just fell for the Dark Diva outfit, which I am showing you below. The clothing outfits by Tameless come with everything shown, including shoes or boots. The price ranges from 199 L$ to 249 L$
The next outfit is just as sexy as the one above. It is by NaYu Designs and you can find these leather jackets at the Designer Circle till December 6th. The jackets come in 6 great colours and each jacket is 100 L$.
The beautiful jewellery set is by Modern Couture and it is called Carmelia. The set comes in a lot of different colours. NOT free though.
SLC has some awesome 60 L$ offers ladies. These Hooded knitted dresses come in many great colours and they are really just 60 L$ each! Hop over and get your favorite colours! But don't wait too long, they are here for just one week.